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Insulin Injection Site Separation


Are you using Insulin Injections to control your blood glucose levels? .... The "Injection Locator" was especially developed for you!

Diabetes itself is very well manageable when it is done in the proper way; however the complications associated with Diabetes can be costly and over time may result in a premature death. Basic simple details like the separation of subcutaneous injection sites can not be ignored and must be practiced in an organized matter.

When it comes to insulin, where you inject is just as important as how much and when.

The "Injection Locator" is a device developed since 1985 (with 17 prototypes), by diabetics for diabetics , exclusively for the Management of Insulin Dependant Diabetes, regardless of you inject with a syringe, insulin-pen or insulin-pump. Insulin Injection Practices are very often neglected - as being not important - however during our research since 1985, it has been proven that proper Insulin Injection Practices must be seen as the foundation under your diabetes "self-management". It is a necessity to avoid used Injection Sites for at least 6 weeks, herewith giving the subcutaneous tissue ample time to heal and adjust itself from the trauma created by the injections administered. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for skin tissue to heal; it's hard enough to remember exactly where you placed your injection yesterday, let alone a month ago. With the Injection Locator you're able to recall an exact injection site, within a 1/8 of an inch or 3 mm. (Even 5 or 6 weeks later)

Injection site separation is not only advised by Health Care Professionals; for a Person with Diabetes it is necessary to practice "site separation" seriously and consistently, to avoid or at least delay the onset of complications associated with Diabetes. For this reason, we are convinced that;

The Injection Locator is "the best investment" Persons with Diabetes can make for their health.

Health Care Professionals are advising persons with diabetes repeatedly, to separate Injection Sites in a given Injection Area; a Study proves that 65% of all persons with Diabetes have had created Subcutaneous Tissue Damage, resulting in complications associated with Diabetes! However not often Health Care Professionals advise the person with Diabetes how to do this simple task precisely and consistently. Other studies have shown that keeping blood glucose levels as close to the normal, "non-diabetic range" as possible may help prevent, slow, or delay harmful effects of the Complications associated with Diabetes to the eyes, kidneys, brains, heart, blood vessels, and nerves.

An Injection Locator generally relates to an injection guide, and more particularly, to an injection guide for: systematically, consistently and regularly rotating injection sites (403) over different injection areas (10) of a user's body to avoid repeated injections in the same location. The Injection Locator is a template made of a durable flexible sheet of vinyl to provide a system of identifying injection sites in different injection areas of a user's body.

Buy Injection Locator: The solution for rotating injection sites

Multiple Uses;

With recent developments in medicine, researchers have discovered new ways of controlling the effects of Multiple Scleroses (MS), certain Cancers, Hepatitis C, some Allergies and HIV (Aids) with injections - at regular intervals - of medicines into the subcutaneous tissues of the body. These new technical applications of modern medicine make the "Injection Locator" - in addition to Diabetes - a very useful, versatile tool to the medical community.

Who may use the Injection Locator?

This tremendous simple compliance tool is especially useful in different Hospital, Healthcare or Home-Care environments, - because of the ever-changing nursing staff scheduling -, everyone would know the exact location of a subcutaneous injection which was previously administered. (Even 6 weeks later). Practicing injection site separation with the "Injection Locator" for bedridden patients makes the task very simple and easy for the caregiver or nurse avoiding areas with; very thin subcutaneous tissue layer, operation scars and bed sores.

Everyone with the above ailments (see multiple uses) may use the "Injection Locator" with ease and rapidity, even children as young as 7 years are able to manage that task surprisingly well as long as they are able to read and write to 31 (the day's of the month). By watching the movie - on the tape or CD Rom - a couple of times and even children will learn very quickly how to use the Injection Locator.

Areas on the body where people can inject insulin most easily are:

A). the front and the outside of the thighs.
B). the abdomen, except the area around the navel. (2 inch circle).
C). the upper and outer areas of the arms.
D). the area just above the waist on the back.
E). the buttocks. These areas can vary with the size of the person.

An individual selects from one of 186 self-injecting sites or 403 assisted-injection sites. Herewith eliminating the guessing game, when you choose - within 5 seconds - a new injection site , in a given injection area .

The aim of our Company is to make it easier for Persons with Diabetes to better manage their disease and to avoid or at least to delay the unset of Diabetes Complications. The Three R's Product Development Corporation invites you, to surf this website and visit the Secure Online Store of " The Injection Locator " The Injection Locator is a non-invasive, simple compliance tool for everyone to use. "The Injection Locator" is especially developed to assist a person with diabetes - and other diseases - to rotate their injection sites in a given injection area , avoiding subcutaneous tissue damage and achieving a 100% absorption and distribution of the injected insulin - or other subcutaneous injected medicines -.

Diabetes Specialists, Family Physicians and Diabetes Educators, among with other Health Care Professionals and Diabetes Associations always inform persons with diabetes that they should rotate their injection sites ; on a regular and systematic basis within a given injection area . However, not often you are advised exactly how to separate the new injection sites. To avoid used sites in a particular injection area;




In the event that the "Injection Locator" fails to perform satisfactorily due to a manufacturing, workmanship, or materials defect, Three R's Product Development Corporation will, at its option, replace "the Product", within the duration of 15 years (180 months) from the date of the original purchase. Satisfactory is guaranteed or your money back, within a 30 day's period (minus S&H). Please see ; Warranty


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